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Intensity.   Intelligence.   Integrity.

Rigby & Rigby - Houston Attorneys

Applying intensity, intelligence and integrity solves problems. The attorneys and professionals at Rigby & Rigby dedicate themselves to forging strong relationships with all clients in order to gain a full appreciation for the client's background and the legal issues confronting them. 


Without a fundamental understanding of the client’s circumstances and needs, legal representation is lacking. We recognize legal issues often create worry and distractions taking the client's attention away from his or her business obligations and personal priorities. Therefore, we take the time to educate clients about legal issues by engaging our clients in discussions, providing examples to explain legal principles, and breaking down the client’s legal issue into manageable components that seem less daunting. We investigate the facts, apply legal principles, and present the client with options for resolving problems. We further serve the client by explaining how the implementation of various options may affect outcomes. Rigby & Rigby is committed to assertive representation, innovative problem solving, and respecting the integrity of the legal system to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for our client. The firm is experienced in representing clients ranging from the individual, small business, and large corporate entity. We help individuals with legal issues such as healthcare liability claims, professional license defense, and mediation. We represent business entities in the areas of insurance defense litigation, construction law, premises liability, arbitration and mediation.

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